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Office of Disability Rights

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Site Accessibility Considerations for Individuals who are Blind or have Low Vision

The following accommodations should be provided for individuals who are blind or have low vision:

  • Well-lit areas, adjustable lighting.
  • Obstacle-free environment (i.e., free of protruding objects that cannot be detected easily).
  • Ensure that the signs are large enough and clear enough to be read by people with low vision.
  • Large, tactile directions for equipment, elevators, and restrooms; elevator numbers written in Braille or raised print.
  • Make sure that the elevator has an auditory signal to alert people who are blind or have low vision.
  • Dog runs in the hotel or convention center (or an area near the outside entrance) for dog guide users.
  • Make sure the restroom doors have a raised (tactile) sign or Braille lettering.