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Recommended Agency Olmstead Initiative Outline

The following outline provides guidance for each primary service agency to develop their individualized Olmstead Initiative. This outline is recommended but is not intended to be used as a strict format for agency Olmstead Initiatives.

  1. Agency mission and vision
  2. Agency future planning
  3. Agency’s identified population and the definition of this population
    1. Number of people currently living in these institutions
    2. The demographics of the individuals in the institution
    3. Number of individuals that are currently residing in out-of-state institutions and in-state institutions
    4. The average length of stay for individuals in these institutions
  4. Agency’s identified barriers unique to each population the agency serves
    1. Housing
    2. Transportation
    3. Other barrier issues and service needs unique to the populations that the Agency serves in institutional settings
    4. Number of individuals who were transitioned or diverted out of institutions safely for each fiscal year
    5. Available resources to be used in order to safely transition or divert these individuals
  5. Service needs that challenged the Agency to comply with the Olmstead Initiative
    1. Services currently available to individuals with disabilities that support self-determination, transitioning, and/or diverting from institutional placements
    2. Other District agencies that are currently coordinating or providing services and/or financial assistance to people currently living in institutions.
  6. Barriers to providing self-determination and transitioning and diverting the Agency’s population away from institutions