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Office of Disability Rights

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ODR Standard Operating Procedures

Training Policy and Procedures

All upcoming training materials must be approved by the Special Projects Coordinator (SPC). Staff will train on subject matters and issues related to their specialties within the office whenever possible, otherwise each staff is cross-trained on all ODR trainings. Staff is train in training teams, exclusions are based on case by case intense.
Staff MUST arrive at the training site NO LESS than 30 minutes before the training starts. Ensure the equipment is working. You cannot assume the training location will have the equipment you need. Have sign-in sheets located in a central location within the training area.
Logistics for the training must be confirmed two days before the training. Materials copied. Equipment needed is identified and available.
If staff cannot attend the training, 24-hours notice should be given to the designated training partner.

Complaint Investigation Procedure

  1. ODR  receives complaints by email, in-person, via telephone/fax/TTY, and on the web via ADA Complaint/Assistance Form.  All web based complaints are automatically forwarded to [email protected].
  2. Complaints submitted to ODR are forwarded to the Director for initial review and assignment to a designated ADA Coordinator or other staff member as determined appropriate by the Director.
  3. Complaints received that are determined to be of a “high risk” nature – imminent danger to the person or others – will immediately be reported to 911 and the Mayor’s Office.
  4. Upon assignment a case must be entered into the ADA Complaints database.
  5. Staff must make contact with a Complainant within 24 hours of receiving the complaint.
  6. Case information will be collected and a plan of action will be determined for achieving resolution of the issue.
  7. A Release must be signed by the complainant allowing ODR staff to make contact with external parties.
  8. All documents associated with the case, must be placed within the case file.
  9. If a complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, referrals can be provided to both internal and external resources.
All complaints must be resolved within thirty days (30). Failure to successfully resolve a complaint at the 30 day point – can result in the case be submitted to OHR for filing – if agreeable to the complainant.