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DCCPD December 2017 Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 26, 2018

D.C. Commission on Persons with Disabilities (D.C.C.P.D.)

2017 December Meeting Minutes­­­­

December 28, 2017

10 -11:30am

441 4th St. NW 11th Fl. Washington, DC 20001



Kamilah Martin Proctor, Chair

Commissioner Gerard “Jerry” Counihan



Commissioner Charlotte Clymer

Commissioner Jarvis Grindstaff

Commissioner Shakira Hemphill

Commissioner Terrance Hunter

Commissioner Tiffany Smallwood

Commissioner Travis Painter

ODR, Chief of Staff Christina Mitchell



Mr. Stephen R. McDow, D.C. Stakeholder Committee, Manager at NCBA CLUSA International National Cooperative Business Association


  1. Call to Order

    1. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chair, Kamilah Martin Proctor at 10:00am.


  2. Commissioner Roll- Call

    1. At 10:05 a.m. - Kamilah Martin-Proctor reviewed who was on the phone and who was onsite to determine and confirm that there was a Quorum present as determined by Section 6. of the D.C.C.P.D. by-Laws

        1. 6. Quorum - The attendance of one-third (1/3) of the voting members of the D.C.C.P.D. shall constitute a quorum at a meeting. In the absence of a quorum at any meeting of the D.C.C.P.D., an officer and/or the D.C.C.P.D. members in attendance may adjourn the meeting until a quorum is present. 4/13


  1. Approval of October Commission Meeting Minutes

    1. At 10:10 a.m. Commissioner Proctor reviewed that due to technical difficulties and staff transitions the October meeting minutes could not be obtained at this time. However, as soon as they become available they will be sent for review and corrections and if no corrections are noted, the Commission can either approve the minutes by unanimous consent or someone can present a formal motion to approve the minutes at the next commission meeting.


  2. The D.C.C.P.D. Commission’s Year in Review: At 10:20 a.m.

    1. Commissioner Charlotte Clymer

      1. 2017 Review:

        1. Participated in 1st Annual World Mental Health Day Forum Oct 10th

        2. Participated in various community listening sessions regarding the various area clinic closures

      2. For 2018:

        1. Work towards and publish best practices with community outreach om language standards


    2. Commissioner Gerard “Jerry” Counihan

      1. 2017 Review:

        1. Worked closely with the faith and inter-faith council

      2. For 2018:

        1. Address Work place discrimination

        2. In home technology

        3. Learning differences


    3. Commissioner Jarvis Grindstaff

      1. 2017 Review:

        1. Deaf Awareness Day well attended with great vendors and presentation

      2. For 2018:

        1. Net neutrality and how it will affect the community

        2. Deaf Awareness day – updates consider H street location and different date and time to accommodate more attendees


    4. Commissioner Shakira Hemphill

      1. 2017 Review:

        1. Facilitated leadership classes in various charter schools

        2. Participated in children education advocacy panel

        3. Vacillated workshops on how to be an advocate for your child

      2. For 2018:

        1. Create a taskforce within the commission for Parent Advocacy

        2. Have a family track during the mayors annual disability expo

        3. Create a tool kit for parents to advocate for their child trough the education system

        4. CBO partners in schools


    5. Commissioner Terrance Hunter

      1. 2017 Review

        1. Community outreach during Gay Pride awareness parade

        2. H street festival

        3. Under his ANC hat working to help abate the issue of health care gaps in ward 7 and 8

        4. Met with United Health care to discuss community concerns with the bridge construction making access to a full and functioning hospital impossible in a timely manner

      2. For 2018:

        1. Work to come up with creative solutions to abate the health care desert in Ward 7/8

        2. Mobile Units / urgent care clinics / partner with community hospitals


    6. Commissioner Tiffany Smallwood

      1. 2017 Review

        1. Worked with constituents in the IEP process

      2. For 2018:

        1. Forum on children and youth in transition


    7. Commissioner Travis Painter

      1. 2017 Review

        1. 27th ADA celebration and outreach

        2. Coordinated new accessible tour program with Smithsonian

          1. Touch history tours

        3. Help resolve Constituent WAMATA accessibility idea

        4. Capitol Hill event and forum with various congressional representatives

      2. For 2018:

        1. Bike Barriers

        2. Vision Zero

        3. Accessibility in Transportation taskforce / working Grp.


  3. Public Comment

    1. At 10:45 a.m. called for Public comment

      1. Stephen McDow c/o DC Stakeholders Committee – for 2018 wish to participate / partner with DCCPD to help find and create creative solution to abate the food desert and health care desert in Ward 7 and 8 while making sure we address the issues of economic justice.


  4. Review tentative ideas and dates for events in 2018 at 11:00am

    1. There were none to be presented at this time but the commission member will work to review their calendars and put together draft date to present to ODR’s new public affairs specialist and secure rooms in Judiciary square for 2018


  5. Review topics for possible white papers and reports (under the strategic plan)

    1. hospital emergency room accessibility

    2. first person language standards

    3. accessible path to travel with a focus on the new bike systems in the community

    4. workplace harassment and bullying / discrimination



  6. Review Motions for discussion and consideration

    1. D.C.C.P.D. return to hosting meetings once a month was placed for discussion - Of the members on site and on the phone a count of six for an affirmative response to return to having meetings once a month. This motion will now be sent to the commission as a whole via e-survey instrument


  7. For the Radar – issues put forth by the chair coming down the pipeline

    1. 2018 financial Disclosure

    2. Mayor Bowser Mandates Sexual Harassment Training for All DC Government Employees

      Sexual Harassment Training for all DC Employees

    3. New Public Affairs Specialist will be joining ODR

    4. Vista print business cards for all commissioners


  8. Chair Kamilah Martin-Proctor called the meeting to a close at 11:30am.


Ending with Happy New Year’s wishes for all and an inspiring word from Commissioner Gerard “Jerry” Conahan, “Have I made a difference – with my Difference” -