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DCCPD Minutes 4-23-2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

DC Commission on Persons with Disabilities

Meeting Minutes - April 23, 2009

In Attendance

Don Galloway
Charles Butler
Erica Nash (by telephone)
Frank Anderson
Christina Mitchell
Donna Moss, Director WMATA

Don Galloway announced that with only 4 members of the DCCPD present, therefore a quorum is not in place for its April meeting. It was decided by all present, that in place of a formal meeting, the members would engage in a discussion about DCCPD business. *Note: These minutes serve as a summary of that discussion and not official DCCPD Meeting Minutes.

Mr. Galloway asked for any questions or concerns in regards to the minutes from the February and March meetings. Due to no quorum, the meeting minutes for 2-26-2009 and 3-31-2009 could not be approved by vote.

Mr. Galloway introduced Donna Moss, Director of Eligibility Certification from WMATA’s Department of Access Services. Ms. Moss explained some of the new streaming-lining ideas and initiatives that WMATA is designing to make certification an easier progress. Ms. Moss answered a variety of questions from DCCPD.

Erica Nash described the Events and Outreach Committee (EOC) report. The EOC provided several ideas and recommendations for the DC Disability Awareness Conference in October. Ms. Nash discussed the importance of employment in the disability community and recommended multiple speakers for the conference. Christina explained that October 6, 2009 is slotted as the conference date and the Old Council Chamber has been reserved as a location, unless another location is selected. Rakshun Jaffer has agreed to assist the EOC with fund raising and obtaining lunch donations.

Mr. Galloway requested updates from any current DCCPD projects. Frank Anderson started by referencing the DCCPD by-laws and requesting an exemption for his absences from the past 2 meetings. Mr. Galloway as Acting Chair excused Mr. Anderson’s absences.

Mr. Anderson proceeded to explain his Auxiliary membership forms, along with an invitation letter created for the signature of the Acting Chair. After a brief discussion, Mr. Galloway explained that he created a similar invitation letter and would like to combine both documents to create one general invitation letter to all persons interested in being an auxiliary member.

Mr. Anderson also presented a memorandum on behalf of the Policy and Planning Committee, that highlight recruitment of auxiliary members from each other current 8 commissioners.

The next DCCPD meeting is May 28, 2009 at 9 am in conference room #1112.