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DC Government Guide on Accessible Meetings and Conferences


Meetings and conferences in the District of Columbia bring people together to share information, develop strategies, work toward common goals and celebrate successes at the international, national, and local levels. The level of success of these events is solely determined by the participation of the attendees. Given the time, effort and resources committed to planning events, it makes good business sense to ensure that all attendees can fully participate.

The accommodation and inclusion needs of people with disabilities are often overlooked when meetings and conferences are organized.
The DC Government Guide on Accessible Meetings and Conferences provides DC government agencies and officials with practical tips and recommendations to ensure the full participation of individuals with disabilities in meetings and conferences. 
This guide was compiled and developed by the DC Office of Disability Rights (ODR). The guide’s purpose is to assist in the planning process and reflects an optimal level of accessibility.  Some facilities may not meet all of the criteria outlined in this document.  If the agency is in doubt about the level of accessibility at a potential venue, the agency officials should consult the DC Office of Disability Rights. 
ODR’s mission is to ensure that the programs, services, benefits, activities and facilities operated or funded by the District of Columbia are fully accessible to, and useable by people with disabilities. ODR is committed to inclusion, community-based services, and self-determination for people with disabilities. ODR is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the City's obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and other disability rights laws.
For information and assistance, please contact the Office of Disability Rights.
Website: odr.dc.gov
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