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Legal Guardianship

Legal Guardianship

In the District of Columbia, legal guardianship for minors and “incapacitated adults” is implemented through the Superior Court of DC Probate Division Court. 

An "incapacitated individual" is defined in District of Columbia law, contained as D.C. Code, sec. 21-2011, as an adult whose ability to receive and evaluate information effectively or to communicate decisions is impaired to such an extent that he or she lacks the capacity to manage all or some of his or her financial resources or to meet all or some essential requirements for his or her physical health, safety, habilitation, or therapeutic needs without court-ordered assistance or the appointment of a guardian or conservator.

The ability to manage financial resources is defined as those actions necessary to obtain, administer, and dispose of real and personal property, intangible property, business property, benefits, and income. The ability to meet essential requirements for physical health or safety is defined as those actions necessary to provide health care, food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene, and other care without which serious physical injury or illness is more than likely to occur.

For issues related to Guardianship of a Minor or Incapacitated Adult, please contact the DC Superior Court at 202-879-1010 or visit their websites,

Adult guardianship: