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Enrichment and Training

Any office that wants its mangers to receive training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) should contact the Office of the Senate Chief Counsel for Employment at (202) 224‐5424.

For class dates, times, and locations for the following trainings, contact the Office of Education and Training at (202) 224‐7628 or online through Webster http://webster.senate.gov by clicking on “Sergeant at Arms” then clicking on “E‐H” then click on “Education and Training.”

Communicating with Constituents with Disabilities

Is your office equipped to communicate with and/or assist constituents with disabilities? Statistics show that one in five Americans will have a disability at some point in their life. Do you know what to do if someone who is deaf or blind walks in the door? Congressional Special Services will conduct a one‐hour program on increasing awareness and encouraging accessibility to Congress, as well as communicating with individuals with disabilities. This includes language use and the choice of words, sign language interpreters and other communication aids, accessible tours for constituents, and TTY phone information.

TTY/TDD – Teletypewriter/Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

Most Senate offices have a TTY/TDD. Did you know that this machine is a telephone that is used by people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities? Does your office have one? Do you know where it is? Do you and your colleagues know the purpose and correct usage of this machine? This course will discuss the mechanics of the machine and proper etiquette and terminology while using it.

Emergency Planning Seminar for Staff with Disabilities

For years, staffers with disabilities have succeeded in creating and implementing emergency procedures designed to make everyone’s life safer and easier. At this seminar, participants will learn about best practices and protective actions on emergency preparedness and planning procedures at the Senate for persons with disabilities. A special emphasis will be placed on evacuation procedures and available equipment for use during emergencies.